Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Change in Plans...

After much consideration, we have decided to stop walking. The problem with Greg's leg seems to be the tendon, and it clearly needs rest, so in an effort to prevent a worse problem or greater damage, we're calling day 12 our last. However, there are still important components of Ignatius' journey and Jesuit history that we very much want to see and experience, so we plan to reach each of them by train. From Tudela we have taken the train to Zaragoza, which is a large city; we will then visit another large city, Lerida. On our way to Barcelona we will also stop in Verdu, which is the birthplace of early Jesuit Peter Claver (we saw his home and the place where he died in Cartagena, Colombia last year, so we particularly want to make this stop in Verdu). We will also still make day visits to Montserrat (where there is an incredible Benedictine monastery) and Manresa (where Ignatius spent a number of months articulating the Spiritual Exercises). Due to this significant change in our plans, we will no longer blog each individual day, but we will post some commentary about our visits to Verdu, Montserrat, and Manresa.

Though we are disappointed at not being able to hike as far as originally planned, we are still very committed to raising what money we can for the Working Boys Center in Quito, Ecuador where we have both served as short term volunteers - we've discussed this objective on the page "Donations for our Miles" as well. We have found a donor who will match the donations we raise, up to $2,500. At this point, $1,100 has been raised for the WBC, so we are hoping to raise an additional $1,400. Any contribution, no matter how big or small, truly makes a difference for this incredible organization. For example: $25 feeds one person at the WBC for a little more than 3 months - the center serves 2,000 people and provides each member with 3 meals per day, 6 days per week, 52 weeks per year. In addition to the meal program, donations provide educational materials to the grammar schools and daycare, medical supplies to the health clinics, supplies to the vocational education programs, and resources to the center libraries. We and the WBC would be incredibly grateful for any contribution you might be able to make. Please make all donations here.

A few more posts on our visits to the last few camino sights will be forthcoming, and we will still post pictures to the picasa account when we have access to upload them (likely not until we return to the States). Thank you for following our journey!

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