Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 11: Calahorra to Alfaro (July 12)

Bright and early we headed out, winding our way through town and back to the cathedral that we had found yesterday. From there we quickly found the road that would lead us out of town, and in short time we were on a paved (!) farm road that led us east. We followed this road for some time, weaving through fields and walking beside a segment of river. About 8 km into our day, Greg quite suddenly developed a pain in his right quad, just above the knee. It seemed a little odd, but we continued on, reaching the town of Rincon de Soto, which was our halfway point so we stopped in a park to refill water and eat a granola bar. Beyond this town we followed a gravel farm road alongside the railroad tracks for another 10 km or so. During this time Greg's leg continued to get worse, and though he hadn't heard any sort of pop or felt a particular cause for the pain, it was increasingly difficult for him to walk. Finally we reached Alfaro and were glad to find our hotel on the near edge if town. Our total distance today was 25 km.

Once we completed our usual settling in routine, we walked into town to find lunch. Fortunately, With the backpack off and the short distance we had to walk, Greg's leg felt a little better. We found a little restaurant close to one of the churches and enjoyed the menu of the day, and then we explored the city a little more, snapping a few pictures, before going back to the hotel for a rest.

Later in the evening, we headed out again in search of a pharmacy, which we found without a problem. When Greg described his leg problem to the woman there, she quickly understood that the cause was excessive exercise and gave him an ointment that would help the stressed area of his leg. From there we found the office of tourism to get our credential stamped and returned to our hotel, as we hoped to be in good enough shape to head out early in the morning.

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